The Benefits of Embracing Recovery

If there’s one thing I have learnt since beginning my recovery journey this year it’s that the benefits outweigh the challenges.

Just like anyhting that’s worthwhile recovery isn’t easy.  In fact, it’s the hardest pursuit I have ever set my mind to but it is equally by far the most rewarding.

So why is it rewarding?  What could possiby be so fantastic about something that is so challenging and so, well, frightening?

Here’s a little list I compiled about the benefits of recovery and seeking help for your eating disorder:

  • You don’t have to lie to your family anymore
  • You don’t have to lie to your friends anymore
  • You don’t have to lie to strangers anymore
  • You don’t have to lie…period!
  • You can engage in social activities with people you care about.  When I was suffering I found that I deliberately avoided parties or functions or gatherings of large amounts of people because I was fearful of the food, of the change in routine, of the unknown.  I missed out on so many opportunities to enjoy myself and meet new and wonderful people because of my ED.
  • Your ability to focus improves exponentially. I found that with recovery I could read books and actually take in the information and not be distracted by negative self-talk or body insecurities.
  • Your relationships with others improve GREATLY.  I have never been so close to my partner as I am now. With my being in recovery, we can laugh again because I rediscovered a sense of humour and fun!
  • You can surround yourself people you WANT to be with rather than those you feel OBLIGED to impress.  A massive element to my recovery is ridding my life of toxic individuals who serve my soul no purpose or nourishment.  I do not have time for people who disrespect me or judge me. I choose to engage with people who hold values akin to my own.
  • You can enjoy the pleasures of life (and yes that includes the joys of food!) Recovery has allowed me to enjoy foods and the various pleasures food provides.  Food is social, food is delicious, food is necessary and food is nourishment.  I now enjoy a variety of foods and am not stuck in a rigid and unhealthy cycle of what is “safe”.
  • You can stop living in fear and pain. Eating disorders cause a great deal of pain.  It makes you insecure about yourself, question your value and scrutinise your every move.  It tells you horrible things and hurts you.  Fighting back at first is terrifying.  You feel that this ED is all you have and you can’t possibly let it go.  You think you need it.  You don’t.  There was life before ED and there sure as hell is life after it! A beautiul life that is free of anguish and hurt and anxiety.  A beautiful life that fulfills your soul.
  • You can stop fighting your TRUE self! Your real self is in there- I can see him or her.  They want so badly to come out and the ED is holding them down. The ED is preventing you from being who you REALLY are.  With recovery you can start listening to your Healthy Self (your true self) and realise that it’s been hiding all along and who you really are hasn’t gone away.

These are just a HANDFUL of benefits.  The benefits SO outshine the hardships.

Nurture your healthy voice my dear champions!


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