Seeing the Beauty in those around you

I experienced a really powerful moment the other day and I thought I should share it.

I was working at my local bakery and I saw a young woman walk past. This woman had flowing blond hair that had been turned into a messy bun at the top of her head. She was walking with a sense of purpose.  I remember looking at this young woman and smiling to myself.  I thought about how beautiful I thought she was and the positive impact she had had on my morning.

Not long after that another woman walked by. She, unsurprisingly, looked completely different.  She had shorter brown hair and a grin on her face.  She was laughing with a friend and she oozed this sense of confidence and happiness. I remember looking at her and thinking about how beautiful she was to me.

Neither of these women were wearing make-up incidentally which is a fact I considered later on after a bit of self-reflection. I foumd both of these woman very beautiful and they looked extremely different. Different hair, different eyes, different bodies, different smiles.  I then became quite sad.  I got sad because I thought: what if both of these women don’t see how beautiful they are?  We constantly hear that women are increasingly self-conscious about their body image and worry about the way that they look. Some want to change their face, their bodies, their personalities to impress others and they don’t see the true beauty that everyone else can see in them.

I was sad because I worried that these two women may not see the beauty that I saw. I was sad that maybe they would be self-conscious or unsure about themselves. This was an epiphanal moment for me because I realised that you don’t have to look a certain way to be beautiful. Everyone has a quality in them that is beautiful and radiant and everyone else can see it.  The only person blind to it is often YOU.

I realised that I can be beautiful in my OWN way. This is the body I have been given. Instead of criticising this vessel I have been provided with to house my soul I should believe in my own individual beauty. Maybe someone else looks at me in the way I looked at those two women. Perhaps someone sees a beauty in me that I am blind to.


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