Making the best out of a bad situation

Sometimes life throws you curveballs and the universe just wants to test you.

Today, the universe is intent on testing me.  I went to the nail salon to get my acryllic nails taken off (they were preventing me from playing my guitar, which is something I love).  I’ve been to this salon before and hadn’t felt too crash hot about the service.  The woman who did my nails was not unpleasant but was not particularly accommodating either and every time I smiled and tried to make conversation it wasn’t reciprocated.

This time however I was met with a woman who was quite unpleasant.  I was treated as if I was an inconvenience and instead of being asked to do something I was pulled or prodded.  I could feel anger building up in my body.  Why was I paying for this when I felt so disrespected?  Why did I deserve to be treated like this?  I took a step back and realised that I have control of my emotions and I should not let this get to me.  I needed to remain calm and use this as a learning experience to not choose this particular salon again.

I was walking back to my car and was just about to open the door when my new phone slipped out of my hands and landed on the concrete carpark floor.  I knew before I saw it.  The screen would be smashed.  Luckily I was already at a mall so could rush in to the Phone Hospital and get it fixed.  Kind of sucky but shouldn’t set me back too much.  50 bucks at the most.

I walked up to the people at the Phone Hospital and BAM. Whacked with a $180 bill.  Thanks Apple.   I was taken aback to say the least and I felt anxiety start beating in my body. An unexpected bill that I had to pay.  Alot of money too.  The universe was again deciding to test me.  The initial wave of anxiety and frustration washed over me.  I didn’t want to pay this. I was furious.

Here’s the thing though.  Could I do anything about it? No. I cannot go back and change the fact that I dropped my phone and it smashed.  The phone was smashed and it required a repair.  I have two choices.  I can sulk and complain and be furious, or I can accept what has occurred, pay what I have to pay and move on.  I am deciding to choose the latter.

You may be thinking, how is this post at all related to recovery? Because in your recovery you will have moments that frustrate you deeply.  You will have moments where anger and anxiety pump through your body.  You will experience hardships and struggles.  Situations will arise that are outside your control.  Ultimately it is YOUR choice how you deal with these situations. You have the choice to sit and sulk and feel angry.  These negative emotions will swirl inside you and poison your heart and your soul.  You also have the choice to be free of anger, to accept what has happened, move on and refuse to let it affect your day.

You have the power to choose your response.  Feel the anger, the anxiety and let it pass.  Move on from it and don’t let it poison your day.


Smiley 🙂


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