The seven Instagram accounts you should be following.

These days Instagram seems like just one never ending highlight reel.

I’m guilty of it too. Of taking way too many selfies and then picking the best one. Of taking a photo of the sunrise on my holiday and adding filters to it.

To give you an example, one day in Byron where I was holidaying this month, I took a photo with my family. The finished product was pretty cute. We were all playing around and showing the geeky side of our unconventional family. But what my followers didn’t know was that we’d had a grotty and petty argument not even an hour before the shot was taken.

I think it’s important to have accounts on your feed that aren’t all sunshine and rainbows. We need more reality. So I have taken the liberty of compiling a list of seven instagram accounts you need to follow in 2016!


  1.  Bodyposipanda

This Instagram account is run by Megan Crabbe and it is my favourite social media account out there. Megan focuses her content on body positivity, complimenting her posts with long captions.

Image via @bodyposipanda Instagram.

She documents and describes her transformation from a self-conscious and broken young person struggling with an eating disorder to the thriving, fabulous woman she is now. Megan’s posts have been, without a doubt, instrumental to my recovery and newfound acceptance of my own body.

Trust me, you need some Megan in your life. Pronto.


2. Nourishandeat

I am absolutely in awe of this young ‘BoPo warrior’ Gina who is the mastermind behind @nourishandeat. Gina, like Megan, documents her eating disorder recovery journey. Gina is passionate about self love and body positivity which is evident in her daily posts.

Image via @nourishandeat Instagram.

She challenges the traditional Instagram highlight reel by posting raw, real and unfiltered photos. Her attitude is infectious. Her posts are real and can be confronting but aren’t triggering.


3. Ausinstfitness

I am loving the direction the Australian Insitute of Fitness is going with social media.  Their instagram account is a perfect blend of humour and fitness inspiration.

Image via @ausinstfitness Instagram.

It’s encouraging to see the fitness industry moving in a positive direction away from aesthetics toward nourishment and health. There’s a real sense of teamwork and positivity which isn’t usually associated with exercise. And the memes are always on point.


4. Thebalancedblonde

Jordan Younger is the mastermind behind @thebalancedblonde. Her story is a fascinating one. Jordan was previously known as The Blonde Vegan. She ran a successul blog and adhered to a strict and inflexible plantbased diet. She developed orthorexia and nutritional deficiencies.

Image via @thebalancedblonde Instagram.

She has since shifted her focus away from veganism to a more balanced approach. Her diet is now less restrictive and is based around balance. I admire her strength and personal awareness.  Her photos are well shot and her sentiment is on point!


5. Healthyisthenewskinny

This account is devoted to developing resilience in young people to oppose negative messages perpetuated by society about body image. Women of all shapes and sizes are featured. They often describe their newfound appreciation and acceptance of their body. What I love about this account is the diversty.

Image via @healthyisthenewskinny Instagram.

Diversity of colour, gender and body type. @healthyisthenewskinny is very much about health at every size, a concept very close to my heart.


6. Iamlaurawells

Basically I am allround in love with this woman.

Laura Wells is a “plus size” Australian model who has an Environmental Science degree. She’s smart, she’s stunning, she’s passionate about the enviornment and she’s a body positive ambassador.

Image via @iamlaurawells Instagram.

She’s a legend. I’d love to interview her one day so if anyone can hook me up CALL ME.


7. Breakingdownbeauty

Last but not least…this blog’s Instagram account!

If you’re after some body positivity, truth bombs and good vibes head to @breakingdownbeauty Instagram.

Image via @breakingdownbeauty Instagram.

So break the highlight reel by following these Instagrams!



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