Why women across Australia need to be alert on Saturday.


This week we have been exposed to a particularly ugly element of society.

I’m sure you’ve heard or read about it. On Saturday across Australia the “neomasculanist” group Return of Kings may be congregating, although the latest word from the Return of Kings website is the event has been ‘cancelled’.

Let’s break down what they’re all about. Return of Kings is essentially a group of heterosexual men who take traditional gender roles to a whole new sick level. They believe rape should be legalised on private property, they believe men who date “fat” women contribute to obesity rates and they believe a woman’s role in society is to be subservient. To be seen and not heard.

It’s barbaric, it’s sick and it’s terrifying.

Return of Kings has such a substantial following. With over 12,000 likes on Facebook their ringleader Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh has a significant platform to spread his poison.

Return of Kings ‘leader’ Daryush Valizadeh. Image via http://www.smh.com.au

These men believe women should follow men’s orders. They whole heartedly believe that their masculinity makes them superior. They not only support but advocate rape culture.

The most frightening part about this is the fact that these people have been in the shadows of the internet and we’ve had no idea. They now have enough “supporters” to “come out.” We have no idea who they are. We have no idea whether we’re walking past them in the street or serving them at work.

They have criminal intentions. And each and every one of them should be investigated by police. Because these men aren’t just opinionated. They’re dangerous.

I will be using a high degree of caution on Saturday. I won’t be going out at night alone. Not because I want to but because I have to.

In 2016 women still need to be careful about where they go and who they’re with. Still, after over 100 years of feminism, women need to be careful about what they say and what they wear. Women, particularly women of colour, are not equal in society.  And this is why we still need feminism.

Waleed Aly
Waleed Aly destroys Return of Kings last night on The Project. Image via Channel 10.

We need more men and women to identify as feminists. Because feminsim isn’t about a matriarchy where women are in power over men. Feminism is about equality. We need feminism. Desperately. Because I shouldn’t have to worry about what I wear on Saturday. I shouldn’t have to worry about walking home alone. I shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable in my female body.

Ladies, as much as it pains me to say this, please be alert and aware on Saturday. These men shouldn’t have a platform to incite crimes against women. The only way we can defeat them is by continuing the fight for equality.





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