To the boyfriends and girlfriends of Instagram, here are some tips you need to know.

Are you a boyfriend or girlfriend of Instagram? Are you being asked by your significant other to take a photo of them for the Gram? Are you being chastised by your partner because you aren’t taking the photos properly?

I have some good news for you. Soph is here to give you some top tips you can use the next time she or he says, “babe, can you please get a photo of me?”


For the love of God, don’t just take one photo

This is a common and easily addressed mistake. When your partner is asking for a photo, they don’t just mean “please take one photo”. They would like many photos. They would like many photos so they can pick the one they look most fabulous in. One photo simply is not enough choice.

If you’re questioning whether you’ve taken enough, you haven’t. Take some more. Take more than you think they want.

Image via @boyfriendsofinstagram

Take the photo from above. Never, ever, ever from below (unless specifically requested).

Taking a photo from below is just a definite no. It’s a recipe for creating a double chin that doesn’t exist in ordinary circumstances. Β If the person you’re taking a photo of has asked for a low angle that is the ONLY appropriate time to take the photo from below. Front on is acceptable. High angle preferable. Taking a few of both is ideal.

The guy in the photo below gets the angle situation. He knows what’s up.

Image via @boyfriendsofinstagram.

Be aware of the lighting

When you’re taking a pic of your S/O the lighting needs to be on point (or at least close to on point). If you can’t see their face because it’s so dark of the shadows are too intense it’s not going to be a Gram worthy photo and is going straight to deleted. If you notice the lighting is bad, instead of taking said soon-to-be-deleted photo, you should notify them by saying something like:

“Hey babe, the lighting’s not great where you’re standing. Try moving over there.”

This willΒ result in many brownie points and a happy partner. It looks like you care about their photo but really you’re just avoiding being asked to take another 700 when the bad, dark ones get deleted.

These guys below are fully committed to getting the lighting right. That is a yes.

Image via @boyfriendsofinstagram

Avoid complaining about taking said photo

We all know the “do I have to” sigh. The “not again” roll of the eyes. The “FFS” facial expression. Brownie points can be easily acquired by dealing with the situation in the following way:

“Hey babe, could you please get a photo of me?”

“Of course.” *refrains from rolling eyes and sighing. Takes approx 700 photos in good lighting and at a high angle*


“Would you like to check them?” *hands phone back to person being photographed*

“Yes please.” *photographed person checks 700 photos. Decides whether they are acceptable* “Could you please take some more? Maybe over there?”

“Sure, babe.” *continues to refrain from sighing. Takes more photos and submits for checking. S/O is pleased.*

Gram photo has been found. Success.

Image via @boyfriendsofinstagram.


If you see a gramworthy moment, take the goddamn photo

Sometimes, the best photos are the candid photos when your S/O is just being adorable. This is a perfect opportunity to get a lovely little candid snap. This isn’t for all the time because obviously you can’t have the camera out all the time and you need to be living and experiencing life as it happens.

But being aware of theΒ old candid snap is definitely an important tip.

The guy below gets the candid idea. Also, extra points for effort.

Image via @boyfriendsofinstagram




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